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Catering to the Food and Beverage Industry

Prime labels play an important role in conveying your brand messaging and product benefits to potential customers. Grocery store shelves are a battlefield—and your product is fighting tooth-and-nail for every scrap of the buyer’s attention.

The prime label that you elect to place on your product must deliver results. In today’s market, there are a tremendous number of flexographic label designs and quality options to choose from; getting this right plays a huge role in differentiating your products from the competition on store shelves.

Quality flexographic prime labels need to catch the eye and attract the attention of customers. Faced with constant bombardment by countless competitive brands, the consumer is looking for just about anything to hang their hat on. If you don’t give them a hook, someone else surely will.

lintec lintec label and print solutions flexographic prime labels prime labels prime label suppliers choosing a label printing company ontario label manufacturers ontario label companies image

Great Prime labelling doesn’t just happen…

When you partner with the right label supplier, for example, Lintec Label & Print Solutions, you can expect the kind of creativity that will get your product the attention it deserves, and will have a direct impact on your bottom line. Attractive packaging design and output quality adds perceived value to your products, and thus your customers give it a higher valuation compared to other products, ultimately affecting the purchasing decision. This article is aimed at providing you with the primary considerations when sourcing and specifying your prime label for your food or beverage product.

Technical Considerations for
Choosing Packaging and Labelling Materials

The type of packaging and prime labels you use on your products must take a number of factors into consideration. These include freezing conditions where you don’t want labels falling off due to thermal contraction, high temperatures causing the adhesive to soften, and even simple exposure to sunlight causing fading.

Aside from environmental factors the prime label will be exposed to, you also need to consider what materials you are placing the label onto. Will your prime label be applied to plastics, glass, or metal, and are there textures on the surface that you should consider during the material selection process?

lintec lintec label and print solutions flexographic prime labels prime labels prime label suppliers choosing a label printing company ontario label manufacturers ontario label companies image

Factors to Consider
When Specifying Your Prime Label

As a food and beverage company, you should concern yourselves with the branding and design of course, but don’t overlook the printing technology available. High resolution is extraordinarily appealing to the consumer and will present your product in the best possible light.

During packaging, the company may opt to incorporate different print styles and application techniques. Poor comprehension of the printing technology can lead the purchaser to incur significant loss of labels and time.

How to Choose the Right Adhesive Material for Your Labels

Choosing the appropriate adhesive is a combination of the material’s strength and its long-term durability. When choosing the proper material, consider ambient conditions, such as temperature, humidity, and sunlight exposure. You also need to consider the surface materials you are applying the labels to (i.e. cardboard, glass, metal, or plastics), and how coarse or smooth the surface texture is.

Acrylic Adhesives

Acrylic adhesives are noted for long term bonding and UV resistance in outdoor applications. They also offer excellent resistance to most common chemical solvents. Acrylic adhesives may have higher initial costs but offer superior durability.

Rubber Based Adhesives

Rubber-based adhesives are widely used for short-term general purpose indoor applications because of their instant bonding and low costs. However, they are susceptible to common chemicals and UV exposure.

Prime Label Adhesives Designed for Freezer Conditions

Cold temp adhesives are used for labels designed to be applied to cold surfaces, typically below 25°F.

FDA Approval for Prime Label Products

Lintec Label & Print Solutions has always used prime label materials, adhesives, and processes designed specifically to comply with FDA certification standards. You can count on us.

lintec lintec label and print solutions flexographic prime labels prime labels prime label suppliers choosing a label printing company ontario label manufacturers ontario label companies image

Choosing the Right Prime Label
Printing Supplier for your Next Project

Selecting a label printing supplier does not have to be a complicated process; it is often a matter of efficiency compared to expediency. Getting it right can reduce production lead times and costs, while maintaining your brand integrity. Lintec Label & Print Solutions prides itself in providing rapid turnaround, and quality prime label printing production for our customers consistently, reliably, every single time. Our dependable printing services keep our customers happy, and coming back with all their needs.

check-mark Who Buys Prime Labels from Lintec Label & Print Solutions?

The more extensive the existing client base of a printing supplier is, the greater the likelihood that they will be able to serve your prime label needs. Repeat business and long term customer relationships offer definitive proof that the label printing supplier is reliable, that they produce quality work, and that they are worthy of your consideration.

Lintec Label & Print Solutions has been servicing clients for many years, providing quality prime label printing, fulfilling repeat orders, with rapid turnaround times. Feel free to contact us directly for a list of customer references that will clearly demonstrate the faith our customers have placed in us and our time-tested track record.

check-mark How Experienced is the Label Printing Supplier?

Experience of a label producer is also a worthwhile indicator to consider. While it does not necessarily mean that a newer label printing  supplier is not worth investigating, a printing supplier who has endured for many years has obviously invested in hiring experienced flexographic label press operators, and consequently is in a much better position to provide you will quality prime label printing. prides itself in hiring the most experienced press operators who intimately understand the flexographic printing process, ensuring your prime labels are printed to your expectations.

check-mark Does the Label Printing Supplier Meet Your Requirements?

Have a look at the printing capabilities of course, but more importantly, the technology the label printing supplier has invested in. Are they going to be a helpful label printing vendor for your company? Can they solve your problems and offer appropriate solutions? Make sure your chosen supplier can take care of all of your printing needs.

Lintec Label & Print Solutions has invested in High Definition ESKO Printing Plate and Imaging Systems, as well as multi-colour flexographic printing presses, with efficient, high quality flexographic prime label printing output. Lintec Label & Print Solutions can solve your problems, fulfill your requirements, and offer innovative solutions.

check-mark Will they go the extra mile for you?

It’s no secret that the food and beverage industry is highly competitive. Consequently, you need a supplier who is willing to offer that extra commitment to ensure you stay on top. Lintec Label & Print Solutions will be your biggest supporter by performing limited test runs to make sure the product is going to suit your purpose.

check-mark What will it cost?

You do not need to pay top-dollar in order to get quality service. Ultimately it’s your responsibility to choose a supplier whose price is within your company’s budget and will meet your quality requirements. We would like to suggest that Lintec Label & Print Solutions is the answer for all your labeling needs.

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