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Direct Thermal Label Printing

Lintec Label & Print Solutions will work with your team, to provide a custom solution for your specific direct thermal label printing needs.

Benefits of Direct Thermal Labels Direct Thermal Labels are a cost effective solution for label applications, where black and white are okay. Direct Thermal Labels have a shelf life of up to one year, and are perfect for shipping labels, food labels and any short-term applications.   Although Direct Thermal Labels are cost-effective, there are limitations, as they are not quite as durable and friction can wear off the printing on the label.  Direct Thermal Labels are also not ideal for applications where direct contact to sunlight is a factor.  Over time, the Direct Thermal Label will darken from light exposure. If you need cost-effective thermal labels that can handle friction from product movement etc., or you need a shelf life greater than one year, then Thermal Transfer Labels would be a more suitable solution for your application.  Thermal Transfer Labels are more durable and can also withstand being exposed to sunlight.

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