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Prime Label Printing

Your brand needs to stand out in the crowd and grab the shoppers attention in the food isle at the grocery store, at the health and beauty isle in a department store, or in the cleaning supplies isle at a large home improvement store.  Your prime label needs to grab the attention of your customers, it needs to show off your brand, your product and your latest promotion in the best light possible.  Lintec Label & Print Solutions specializes in Prime Label Printing, with the utmost attention to detail, colour representation and quality print output.

Does Your Brand Stand Out?

According to the Food Marketing Institute, the average number of items carried in a supermarket (2014) that your brand is competing against, is over 42,000 items.  That is a lot of competition and a lot of clutter.  Not only are you competing with the on-the-shelf promotions, you are also competing with the mobile device in your customers hands.  Your Prime Label is the first line of defence in grabbing your customers attention, to keep your brand top of mind and tie it into your cross-channel marketing promotions.  Make sure you are dealing with a label manufacturer who understands the market and how to print a high quality Prime Label for your brand.  Trust Lintec Label & Print Solutions for your Prime Label printing needs.

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