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Thermal Transfer Label Printing

Lintec has expanded its thermal transfer label printing capabilities, by investing in Toshiba Tec, Zebra, Datamax, TSC and more.

Benefits of Thermal Transfer Labels

Thermal Transfer Labels are perfect for applications where you need high density bar codes, high quality printing that can take some punishment and weather the sunlight.   Thermal Transfer Labels have a shelf life of more than one year and can take some heat, while not fading.

Do you have a situation where the labels are going to see some friction?
With Thermal Transfer Labels, you will not have an issue as they are made with durable papers and substrates designed to take it, while also enabling you to print in colour.

If your label application does not require a longer shelf life (more than one year), or the durability to take the punishment, then Direct Thermal Labels are a cost effective option for you to consider.

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